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Our goal-oriented applications was discovered and officially developed after 5 years of research. All our applications have the latest technologies and security features.

Our Services

Omniuse Web App V1

Omniuse Web App V1.0 is for organizations to deploy on their own server. Organization need to request for the application. Our expert team will provide customized app as per request.

Organization will have own domain name. Forms can be published on your domain only or can be published on Omniuse platform. V1 is also FREE for all organization.

Omniuse Web App V2

Omniuse web App V2.0 is subscription based. For Omniuse 2.0 organizations need to sign up. Our team will verify the organization's details and activated the account.

Omniuse web App V2.0 are aviabilabe in different countries. We will be local to your location. Please sign-up today.

Omniuse Mobile App

Omniuse Mobile App is one stop station to search, view and apply for any digital application form present in the world. Omniuse Mobile App is free and Available on IOS and Android platforms.

mniuse Mobile app is for end customers who need to apply for different digital applications forms everyday either for schools, colleges, universities, internship, job, open bank account, driving license, passport, citizenship, birth certificate and so on.

Omniuse Enterprise Version

Omniuse Enterprise application is a combination of Web and Mobile app build with custom organization’s name and logo. Enterprise App are for Government, local Municipalities, INGOs and big organizations. Server and other resources need to be paid by the organization themselves.

Enterprise version cost is $1000 per year. Please contact our local sales team for details.

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