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ELEVATE Your Digital Forms

Elevate your data collection process with powerful online forms management tool. Create any type of form for your business,  publish in 1 click. Reach to Mobile users by publishing on Omniuse Mobile App. Received Submitted Forms, review the customers details. Manage the whole application process. 


OmniUse Web Application

Our Web Application has been designed keeping in mind the needs of your business. Our application allows you to create custom forms according to the needs of your business, and collect and review them on one platform. Making the whole process of data collection and data organization easier

Omniuse Mobile Application

If you are one of the 12 Million people who are constantly filling out forms in your day-to-day life, we understand how tiresome the process feels. That is why we present you the EZEEFILL APP, which automatically fills the form on your behalf, makes the review process easy, and helps you submit the form tirelessly.


Create Web and Mobile app user your company name. Please contact us for Enterprise Version.