What is Omniuse/ezeefill App?

Why should I use omniuse / ezeefill App?

How to register ?

How to sign up?

How to login? What are the options for login?

 How To Create a Profile?

What happens once I submit my profile?

How to add documents?

How to access the camera?

How to add my signature?

How to edit my profile?

How to delete my profile?

How to add my dependents? How many I can add?

Can I access my dependents profile, edit or delete?

How to add dependents documents?

How to change passwords?

How to delete my account?

How to report a bug?

How to change language preference?

How to search ?

How to filter my search?

How to clear?

If I forgot to log out , does it log out automatically?

How secure will my files and information be?

Does webform works on omniuse mobile form? can i complete my forms on mobile even i created on web browser?

Can I save it to finish later? or i have to rewrite it?

Can I share and work with others while using this? Do others need to sign up to view my share/forms?

Can I add contacts to share/submissions?

Does it require internet access?

Data storage limits?

Does this form app allow me to take images/pics or use gps?