Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Omniuse Web app?

    Omniuse Web application is a digital tool to create and manage digital forms in minutes. It helps business to reach digital customers through web and mobile apps. It also manages the submitted form processes. Omniuse Web application is FREE forever. Target customers are organizations who need to create forms.

  • This application is available on 2 versions- Omniuse 1.0 and Omniuse 2.0 . Omniuse 1.0 is for organizations to deploy on their server and Omniuse 2.0 is subscription based. For Omniuse 2.0 organizations need to sign up on whereas for Omniuse 1.0 will have a custom domain name as per customer needed. Both versions are free to use.

  • Omniuse's aim is to connect all the digital users into single platform to search, view and apply for any digital form. Omniuse web app is tool for organizations to create and publish forms into single platform. So that why its free and it will be free forever.

  • Yes you can use omniuse web and mobile apps without signup. You can view, search and apply for any digital form.

  • In both web and Mobile have feature to view, search and apply for any form. But on Mobile we have feature for autofiiled. If user have created profile and stored data into Mobile app, then form will be filled automatically.

  • All the data are stored with your Mobile device.

  • Yes you can create profile for your dependent. There is no limit how many dependent profile you create.

  • Click on Forget Password link on login page.

  • Login to Mobile app. Go to setting and tab on Delete Account. This will delete login profile from our server only. You need to delete app to delete all information stored in Mobile app.

  • Once you delete login profile, yes you can sign up again as new user.

  • Yes you can add multiple languages to create your profile. English will be there by default.